​​SOLUTIONS & INNOVATIVE IDEAS for the Platt Road site

  • Develop an Innovative Community Based Design: including passive & active recreation, renewable energy, and agriculture. Meet the needs of  a growing AA population with recreation based design that builds upon the beauty of County Farm Park. 
  • Create a Special Assessment District: whereby citizens within a predetermined radius of the site would form a district  of taxpayers. The funds raised would pay the County for the property. The property would remain in the control and ownership of the County, but it would be preserved as "park land". Residents would pay extra on their property tax bill to fund the fair market value of the property.  

Citizens for Responsible Planning for Platt Road

​​We oppose any housing development on the Platt Road site next to County Farm Park in Ann Arbor, MI .  

Washtenaw County owns the 13-acre site at 2270 Platt Road next to County Farm Park, This site also borders a residential neighborhood and is near office areas.  The County previously used this site for offices and a juvenile detention center, which have since been demolished. A  community garden run by Project Grow occupies a portion of the site. 

The Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners appointed the Platt Road Advisory Committee (CAC) to explore uses for this site. The committee's recommendation was to use the site for affordable housing.  A community design session (charette) was held in August, 2014 to gain community input (  All design outputs from the charrette were mandated  to include an affordable housing component (as it was funded by MSHDA).  Many citizens were disappointed and very frustrated with the charrette process as  did not allow for design options that were void of affordable housing. Many innovative ideas regarding recreation, renewable energy,  agriculture, and preservation were not fully developed or included in the recommendation to the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners  (BoC) by the CAC and the Washtenaw County Office of Community & Economic Development (Staff).

Citizens for Responsible Planning for Platt Road (CRPP)  is opposing Staff's recommendation of the CAC Plan, which is to to develop this site for Mixed Income Housing (90-110 units for 80%, 50% & 30% of area median income).  


  • May 6th: The CAC Platt Rd Recommendations were presented to the BoC Ways & Means Committee. Roll call vote: YEAS:6, NAYS:3 (Jamnick, Martinez-Kratz, Dan Smith). We supported an amendment to the Resolution adding :"Outright sale of all or part of the property, including, but not limited to, commercial or residential developers or preservation interests." Roll call: YEAS: 4 (Jamnick, Peterson, Ping & Dan Smith); NAYS:5 (LaBarre, Youseff, Brabec, Martinez-Kratz, Conan Smith). 
  • We were disappointed in the five (5) Commissioners who did not vote to include this language in the Resolution. The BoC is tasked with providing service to the citizens of Washtenaw County by exploring ALL potential options for this site. 
  • May 20th: The Resolution accepting the recommendations from the CAC for the disposition & design process was voted on & passed by the BoC .
  • Comm. Dan Smith, offered an amendment to the Resolution : 
    “BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board of Commissioners directs the County Administrator and Corporation Counsel to provide exhaustive written advice by August 31, 2015 detailing all of the various mechanisms which would allow the Platt Rd. site to be developed in a manner consistent with these design principles” YEAS (Jamnick, Peterson, Ping,  Dan Smith, Labarre); NAYS (Brabec, Martinez-Kratz, Rabhi, Conan Smith)

  •  We urged the BoC to NOT approve the Resolution as drafted. ALL potential options for this site should be considered fairly. The BoC has an obligation to look at all of the options., including preservation, passive & active recreation, renewable energy, and agriculture. 
  • We support those Commissioners who continue to ask that options be kept open for this site. 
  • SUMMER 2015 : Corporation Counsel is performing a special analysis regarding the ability of the County to develop Platt Rd according to the CAC Guidelines they developed. Next steps TBD.
  • FALL 2015: Office of Corporation Counsel issued a Legal Analysis Concerning the Mechanism to Implement the Various Development Options for Platt Rd.  This report showed that RECREATIONAL USE is a viable option that has virtually NO legal disadvantage (in fact, there are a number of legal advantages the repot references). We have a Greenbelt millage that protects open space. We asked the BoC to pay serious attention to collaborating with the City of AA via the Greenbelt millage and with the Wash County Parks & Rec Commission to purchase this property as new City parkland.
  • WINTER 2016: On Jan. 20th the BoC will hold a Ways and Means meeting to consider resolution that directs county staff to take steps toward a sale & to draft an RFP to solicit purchase offers for the property.